Original Lithograph Signed

Valerio Adami Numbered Lithograph Signed Abstraction Figuration Narrative

Valerio Adami Numbered Lithograph Signed Abstraction Figuration Narrative

Valerio Adami Numbered Lithograph Signed Abstraction Figuration Narrative   Valerio Adami Numbered Lithograph Signed Abstraction Figuration Narrative
Valerio adami original lithograph signed lower right justified hc size 62 x 38 cm. Printed on vellum perfect condition. Valerio adami was an Italian painter. He lives and works in Paris.

One half of the year, the rest of the time in Monaco. Valerio adami, the most French of Italian painters, is best known for its famous flat areas with bright colors and forms identified by a black outline that suggest the clear line of comics but also the church windows. The main themes of his paintings are literature, travel, and the relationships between poetry, music and painting.

He also maintained from the beginning a close relationship with writers and artists of the Parisian avant-garde international. Adami is formed through the Felice Carena workshop. And meeting in Venice Oskar Kokoschka. After studying painting at the academy of Brera in Milan. In the workshop of Achille Funi.

Valerio adami gives first paintings that relate to expressionism. But very quickly, he found his own style, made of shapes strongly identified with a thick line and processed flat areas of pure color (surrealist influence remains behind in his work) and without shadows. On his first trip to paris. (1955), he met Wilfredo Lam. He gets his first solo exhibition in Milan. And exhibited his first works influenced by matta. From that date, he divides his time between Paris and litalie while making numerous trips around the world: South America. In 1968, he exhibited his work at the jewish museum in New York, in 1970 in Mexico City and Jerusalem. In 1970 Adami saffirme as notable representatives of the new figuration. It develops a psychological painting style characterized by elaborate drawing, the color serves to divert, alter or amplify. His works stand out for the saturation of the colored surfaces where remains no white, no trace of doubt or dinachèvement. It defines the table as \The figurative character of his works, painstakingly developed by many preparatory drawings, should not be misled: it comes dune reconstruction of perception to lappropriation of images and not a direct reference to reality view \substance that vision. \Characters, objects, landscapes sarticulent complex compositions where classic of space and depth reports are completely overwhelmed.

But adami has often been called a \But he never fell into the \Adami sinstalle in Paris where the bow to the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris. His work is the object major retrospective at the Georges-Pompidou dune center. And then exposed to tel aviv and buenos aires.

From 1970 to 1994, he exhibited at the Maeght gallery will become the gallery Lelong in Paris. His work on memory, individual and collective, led him to address in the 1970 portraits of celebrities james joyce. Then landscapes and historical events of the French Revolution. Incorporating words carefully painted securities that reference the old paint.

Adami importance attached by the drawing, the way in which it approaches the cultural, has been commented upon by philosophers like Jacques derrida. He also devoted several studies including its evolution. He summarized his work by time: 1960 corresponding to the counting of objects \1970 marking a series of portraits of thinkers, writers, politicians of the \desire, monuments to separation and death. \Since the late 1980s, adami has executed large-scale murals for various public buildings in particular in 1973. For the first national city bank madison.

For the Châtelet theater of the home bar. In 1985 he participated in the Biennale in Paris. He also made eight windows for the hotel City Vitry-sur-Seine. Monumental and tables for the waiting room of the station Austerlitz.

Since 2004, a major retrospective was devoted to the museum Frissiras athens, adami and then followed several personal exhibitions in Italy, Finland and Spain. Currently he is working to create a dedicated foundation drawing meina in Italy.

In 2008, a retrospective will be devoted to the foundation pomodoro. And finally, since 2004, it is represented by the gallery daniel templon. Major exhibitions held in France during the period 1960 - 1985. Arc Modern Art Museum of the city of Paris. Sigmund freud, center of contemporary arts (LCdr).

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Valerio adami test on the critical formalism, Galilee. Valerio adami, lettere not scritte collection \category \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

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  6. Period: XXth contemporary <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Valerio Adami Numbered Lithograph Signed Abstraction Figuration Narrative   Valerio Adami Numbered Lithograph Signed Abstraction Figuration Narrative