Original Lithograph Signed

Ubac Raoul Lithography 1974 Signed Pencil Num/150 Handsigned Numb Lithograph

Ubac Raoul Lithography 1974 Signed Pencil Num/150 Handsigned Numb Lithograph
Ubac Raoul Lithography 1974 Signed Pencil Num/150 Handsigned Numb Lithograph
Ubac Raoul Lithography 1974 Signed Pencil Num/150 Handsigned Numb Lithograph

Ubac Raoul Lithography 1974 Signed Pencil Num/150 Handsigned Numb Lithograph    Ubac Raoul Lithography 1974 Signed Pencil Num/150 Handsigned Numb Lithograph

Last copy for sale; last example for sale. Original lithograph signed in pencil and numbered /150 in pencil by the artist. Status: see photographs; good; never framed. Paper size: 70,4x40 cm.

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Original lithograph produced in 1974, hand-signed and han-numbered (/150) in pencil by the artist. Conditions: see photographs ; good ; never framed. Paper sizes: 70,4x40 cm. Raoul ubac, born rudolf gustav maria ernst ubach on. According to his various biographies at.

Raoul ubac spent his early childhood in Germany (Prussia), entering. Small town close to the. In Belgium, where her mother's family, alice lang, has been operating a leather tannery for several generations. His father, ernst ubach, has just been appointed justice of the peace.

With the integration to the belgium of the canton of Malmedy, attached to the prussia in 1815, following the. From 1919, raoul ubac obtained Belgian nationality.

He studied at the Royal Athene of Malmedy until then. Having the project to become a water and forest agent. He then made a first stay at. To finish high school, a teacher passes him "under the coat", the first ".

Where on the advice of his parents he enrols in the. Raoul ubac makes contact with them. Meet andre Breton and frequent the surrealistic milieu. On foot, he made many journeys through Europe, in italia, Switzerland and Austria.

On the island of hvar, he makes "found stone assemblages" which he photographes. Otto Freundlich then advised him to go to cologne where he enrolled in the school of applied arts and worked in drawing and photography. On a dancing evening, he met agathe schmidt, called agui, a young German with whom he married at ixelles in 1939.

Raoul ubac experimented in photography with burning, solarization and petrification processes and in 1933 exhibited the results of his research. In collaboration with camille bryen, raoul ubac publishes in. Under the name of raoul michelet a collection of poems and photographs. With bryen again, he places "objects in the most unexpected places", displays "poems and images on the walls" and participates in the activities of surrealists. In October 1935, he participated under the pseudonym of raoul michelet in the international exhibition of surrealism, at.

First surrealist exhibition in belgium, organized by the group. He engages in a series of photographs around the "combat of.

» the queen of the. For which it combines multiple processes: combination of negatives, overprinting and solarization, superposition or offset of negative and positive, which gives an impression of petrification, blowing, smoking, burning or veiling of the cliché. Often, he reuses nude fragments of his two models, agui and marthe (the woman of nude paul). Some of his photographs are published in the surrealist magazine "minotaure" ("agui dans le miroir au tant maladé, 1938).

He also learns the engraving in the workshop of. For the international exhibition of surrealism at the Galerie des beaux-arts de paris (January 1938), andré Breton commissioned him to photograph the mannequins exhibited.

There are also two photomontages: "the room" and "the street behind the station". "by the blond trait of union of the il d'ubac, the ruins past join the ruins to come, constantly renaissing.

Her women wield the dart and defeats are the sures of the dark penthesile of. They are the incredible fossil flower, the fisherman who tames moving sands," he wrote in 1939. In 1940, raoul ubac founded with. The magazine the collective invention which will know only two numbers. At the beginning of the day. Raoul and agui ubac, in the company of the magritte, scutenaire and irene hamoir, leave bruxelles, then bet for. In 1941, raoul ubac returned to. Where he presented an exhibition of photographs whose catalogue was prefaced by. The gallery is closed by order of the occupants. He is the director of the magazine and actively collaborates with it. That will never cease to accompany his work friendlyly. In 1942, he illustrated the exercise of the purity of jeans. Then abandon photography after the war. Although he is involved in the activities of the neosurrealist group. Until 1943, the war gradually moved him away from surrealism: it began in 1939 to draw in the pen "the most simple objects", glasses and bottles, fruit and breads, scissors or knives placed on a table (exhibition in 1943 at the Paris bookshop of dasté francis, prefaced by jean lescure). In 1946, he collected in.

And starts with a nail to burn it, makes gouaches on the theme of heads. Jean lescure had made him known.

And his non-figurative friends, their research on shapes and colours, he said, "help him make the effort to address these problems without going through the phantasms" on which he had been dependent. Raoul ubac approaches painting again, in the egg, for a non-figurative series of characters lying in deaf lights.

In 1948 he illustrated the cover to see, collection of. Of which a poem is dedicated to him. Regularly expounds his gouaches and canvases, prefaced by. Ubac did not cease simultaneously to engrave slates which became as reliefs and of which he introduced fragments into his paintings in 1955. In 1958 he acquired a house for goddonner where he installed two workshops, for painting and sculpture.

In the 1960s, his paintings, on panels covered with amalgamated resins, made a synthesis and a flourishing, around the themes of ploughing and furrows, bodies and torsos, of the double work that he would continue until his death. In 1968 a retrospective of his work was presented in Brussels and at the Musée d'art moderne de paris. In 1973 Ubac received the National Grand Prize for the Arts. We owe to raoul ubac several sets of. As well as reliefs, high reliefs, wall decorations and models of. For public and private buildings. Ubac also illustrated his drawings. About thirty books and is the author of the magazine's cover. Published at maeght from 1973 to 1981. Ubac works are presented in many museums of france and europe.

In 1980, the French post office issued a stamp reproducing one of its creations. April-August 2006 (untitled, 1947) catalogue. The artistic community celebrated the 100th anniversary of its birth in 2010.

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  1. style: French abstraction
  2. type: original lithograph signed in pencil
  3. characteristics: signed
  4. Authenticity: original
  5. period: xxeme and contemporary
  6. genre: French abstraction
  7. theme: French abstraction
  8. support: on paper

Ubac Raoul Lithography 1974 Signed Pencil Num/150 Handsigned Numb Lithograph    Ubac Raoul Lithography 1974 Signed Pencil Num/150 Handsigned Numb Lithograph