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Raoul Dufy Lithograph Mourlot Reception English Admiral Pierre Lévy P 417 1969

Raoul Dufy Lithograph Mourlot Reception English Admiral Pierre Lévy P 417 1969

Raoul Dufy Lithograph Mourlot Reception English Admiral Pierre Lévy P 417 1969    Raoul Dufy Lithograph Mourlot Reception English Admiral Pierre Lévy P 417 1969

This excerpt comes dun album of a series devoted to the collection of m. Printed on vellum darches by Mourlot for reproductions of paintings by Raoul dufy and by marcelle berr of turique, paris, 1969.

Receipt of an English admiral on a French boat. More from this artist available. For more information contact us as 06 81 01 49 19. This work is visible by appointment. Montfort Gallery 5, rue de Provence 75009 Paris.

Raoul dufy, born under the names Raoul ernest joseph 3. And death the Son of leon 23. August dufy and marries lemonnier eugenics, is a painter, draftsman, printmaker, book illustrator, designer fabrics, ceramics, tapestries creator and furniture, interior decorator, designer of public spaces and French theatrical designer.

From 1893 Raoul dufy following evening classes charles lhuillier. At the municipal school of fine arts haven.

With which it will then share a studio in Montmartre. And that will remain one of its most faithful friends. He paints Norman landscapes in watercolors. He entered the National School of Fine Arts.

From Paris, where he met Othon Friesz. Her first exposure to French artists living. Then he exhibited in 1903. He painted many around the harbor, including the holy-address range. Made famous by eugene boudin. With his friend Albert marquet. He works, still on the ground, to fécamp. He painted a series of landscapes depicting the city and its canals. And in particular Luvre of Matisse. On the streets of tables decked with flags, village festivals, beaches.

Realizing the critical importance of Cézanne. During the major retrospective of 1907. It performs studies of trees, horses, models workshop, still lifes. That same year, he went to the Estaque. Near Marseille with Georges Braque.

They paint, often side by side, the same reasons as Cézanne. He stayed in the \In their company, he Soriente to buildings influenced by the beginnings of cubism.

He realizes in 1910 the woodcuts for the bestiary of Apollinaire. It will make other for legendary poems of France and Brabant of Emile verhaeren. He married a Nicoise, eugenics-Emilian brisson. Called by the designer Paul poiret. Who was impressed by the engravings of the monster, he began creating designs for fashion and decorative fabrics.

Indeed, the impression fabric is then performed using woodcuts. With Paul poiret, he climbs a small decorating business and printing fabrics, \It prints its first draperies and fabrics that will make celebrity paul poiret.

A year later, he was hired by the house of silks Lyon bianchini-Ferrier for which will create countless reasons from his favorite themes nymphs, animals, birds, flowers, butterflies ... Which will \This collaboration will extend until 1930. Still influenced by Cézanne, its design becomes more flexible, however during his stay in 1913.

It engages in the automotive service army. During his first stay in Vence. The colors of his paintings become more vivid and more baroque design. Later, he realized for the poet Guillaume Apollinaire murdered.

That same year the beef on the roof cocteau jeans. Is represented with sets and costumes dufy. Under the leadership of Paul poiret and eager to realize the effect of its tissues on women, he begins attending racetracks in 1922. He takes aesthetically taste the spectacle of the crowd, horses, and movements. It is increasingly daquarelles and works ceramics. With the great ceramist artiguas Catalan. He admires the paintings of Titian. Looking a little girl running on the Honfleur dock. He understands that the mind registers faster the color outline. He will then separate the colors and drawing. He added his drawing broad bands of color (usually three) horizontal or vertical, or to large colored spots. It executes cartoons for dameublement made tapestry fabrics. For the Beauvais factory on the theme of paris. His picture from the paddock to the museum of Luxembourg in 1932. He realizes for the pavilion of the exhibition of international power, most existing paint the world: the magic of electricity. Visible today in the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris.

Raoul dufy begins to feel, in 1937. The first attacks dune painful and debilitating disease: rheumatoid arthritis. He was appointed member of the jury prize Carnegie.

The watercolors of the castles of the Loire. And Venice (many views of the city and the lagoon) are born in 1938. He is also working on very large panels to the palace of Chaillot.

The Seine from Paris to the sea. Makes those of the Seine from the source to paris.

Refuge in the south of France in the early 1940s, he painted the boxes for large tapestries collision. Dufy also excels in the composition of stage sets and costumes for the French comedy. In his paintings, he gradually abandons the broad bands of color to a dominant color densemble.

A book on Raoul dufy in the collection \Dufy illustrates terrestrial foods of André Gide. He was promoted to the rank of Commander of the Legion of Honor. At the museum of art and history of Geneva, 261 works, as well as ceramics, tapestries, books gathered in 1952. In addition 41 works are sent by France to the Biennial of Venice. He won the prize for painting and offer the amount to an Italian painter and charles Lapicque.

For that they can stay in Mon France and the other in Venice. French will be the last to get this price. It was there that he died on March 23, 1953. His last words were to ask his secretary to open the shutters of his room to see the mountain. After a temporary burial, the city offers a nice location in cimiez cemetery in 1956. The art of Raoul dufy. First of Raoul dufy undergoes the influence of coil eugène. It should be emphasized early mastery of watercolor.

And already indications of its own future style in a work like the 14- July. In the haven where the shades are complemented with ink. Raoul dufy discovered Matisse and signac.

In 1906 the village square, pink and green are caught in thick enough features highlighting architectures. A small French flag in a still impressionist sky announces brightly decked streets of the harbor, which he painted in marquet company. In the port of haven 1906, boats fumes are covered quivering and dondulations that saccentueront later in the style of dufy. The white spots sheds and boats come with a few French flags, illuminating a set a little too dull to be truly fawn. For cons, the nude pink to green armchair (claudin back) 1906.

The palette is close to that of Matisse interiors collision. Or the green line (Portrait of Madame Matisse) in 1905. It should be noted secondary plans treated with large keys and parallel, which are reminiscent of Cézanne, although dufy not born a good knowledge of Luvre of this painter.

\In Saint-Tropez, dufy, including probably this is the only naked this time, devises simplified plan Dombre and light on the twisted body of the model that it submits to the imagination of form. To this wide spot light covering his back and legs clad ambiguous game Docre red larabesque clear answers arm. This nude is a feat; that the drawing loses sensuality, it gains in colorful expressive. \Dufy can admire the paintings of Cézanne. When retrospective at dautomne lounge.

To understand Cézanne on the same grounds that he had painted, he left for the Estaque. Other dadoption Havre, who attended the same municipal school of fine arts that Friesz, Shapes, just suggested by the blue lines in the distance, reminiscent of the Sainte-Victoire mountain of Cézanne maturity. The houses of the village on the Sea (1908) are reduced to simple geometry. The keys are \The tree Lestaque (1908) of dufy could have been signed by Georges Braque.

Squared as pieces of rock, the houses of Braque and dufy, are little more mineral than the sky, the sea or the trees. Like Cézanne, the real subject of their paintings is the volume and depth.

However dufy fast enough évadera to other research, while Braque sought to develop and exhaust the resources of the geometric patterns. Docres harmony and greens, drums and gray branches of the trees, is intentionally simple. Braque, who performs with him a similar series, also maintains in this simple and this austerity geometrism. This is the internal structure of things both continue but will not let dufy locked in Cézanne scheme that will explore shines.

Raoul dufy not even will come close to almost disregard the synthetic Cubism. It remains attached to the readability of his paintings. Its colors are gaining brilliance and diversity. It is possible that dufy has influenced Picasso.

Which often took up on his own ideas other painters. But while Picasso in color is integral trait, the flat areas of dufy simposent no necessary relation to an allusive drawing, rudimentary, \The item \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

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  2. Period: XXth contemporary <\/ li>
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    Raoul Dufy Lithograph Mourlot Reception English Admiral Pierre Lévy P 417 1969    Raoul Dufy Lithograph Mourlot Reception English Admiral Pierre Lévy P 417 1969