Original Lithograph Signed

Paul Rebeyrolle-lithography Pv340

Paul Rebeyrolle-lithography Pv340
Paul Rebeyrolle-lithography Pv340
Paul Rebeyrolle-lithography Pv340

Paul Rebeyrolle-lithography Pv340   Paul Rebeyrolle-lithography Pv340

Handwritten signature at the bottom right. Justified 10/75 at bottom left.

Other works by this artist available. For more information contact us: 06 81 01 49 19. This work is visible by appointment. Montfort Gallery 1 Clock Street, 84600 Valréas. Paul rebeyrolle , born on the 3. (high-come) and died on the 7th. His childhood was marked by tuberculosis. Bone, forcing him to long moments of immobility. He then discovered contemporary painters as well as classical painting in the Louvre Museum.

Member of the French Communist Party. Rebeyrolle broke up with the latter in 1956. During the Russian invasion of Hungary. In 1959, at the age of 33, he executed at eymoutiers planchemouton , a large painting commissioned by the committee of the first biennial of bets, to adorn the staircase of the Palace of Fine Arts. In 1963, he left Paris and moved to the countryside to live and work there, first at dawn and then in the Gold Coast.

From 1968, he began a series cycle often defined by the term \"politics,\" which can be enumerating by their titles. 1973: \"bankruptcy of bourgeois science.\" 1975: \"still lifes and power.\" 1983: \"The bag of Madame tellikjian.\" 1987: \"In the realm of the blind.

\" 1993: \"Splendour of Truth.\" His work, immense, always figurative, is marked by violence, rage, revolt in the face of oppression or political commitment. It is punctuated by animal and landscape paintings, as well as paintings using materials glued to the canvas earth, hair, scrap metal... Little publicized during his lifetime, unknown to the general public as well as certain institutions, this work was nevertheless appreciated by the philosophers Jean-paul sartre. As well as by some collectors, such as François pinault.

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  1. sicertics: signed
  2. authenticity: original
  3. period: xxme and contemporary
  4. gender: abstract
  5. theme: abstract
  6. type: lithograph

Paul Rebeyrolle-lithography Pv340   Paul Rebeyrolle-lithography Pv340