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Marquet Albert Rare Lithography 1947 Signed Main Num/100 Handsigned Lithograph

Marquet Albert Rare Lithography 1947 Signed Main Num/100 Handsigned Lithograph
Marquet Albert Rare Lithography 1947 Signed Main Num/100 Handsigned Lithograph
Marquet Albert Rare Lithography 1947 Signed Main Num/100 Handsigned Lithograph

Marquet Albert Rare Lithography 1947 Signed Main Num/100 Handsigned Lithograph    Marquet Albert Rare Lithography 1947 Signed Main Num/100 Handsigned Lithograph

Very rare original lithography signed in ink by the artist and numbered /100 in ink. Condition: see photographs ; good ; on the back 2 scotch in high border. Paper size: 26,3x36,1 cm; image size: 18x25,7 cm. Free hand delivery possible to bet by appointment.

The work is sold accompanied by an invoice with a detailed description. Very rare original lithograph, hand-signed in pen by the artist and hand-numbered (/100) in pen. Conditions: see photographs ; good ; on the back 2 scotch tapes at the top border. Paper sizes: 26,3x36,1 cm; image sizes: 18x25,7 cm. (or stone leopold albert marquet) is a painter. The encounter with marcelle martinet and algeria. Born in a modest family of. His father is an employee of the railways, Albert marquet is encouraged by his mother to practice painting and drawing, to compensate for his physical handicap, one. Who's the one who's the one who's the one who's the one who's the one who's the one who's the one who's the one who's the one who's the one who's the one who's the one who's the one who's walking. Myope, Albert is a quiet and reserved natural. In 1890, his mother took a betting trade in mercery, so that he could attend drawing classes. At the age of 15, he entered the school of decorative arts. And get to know henri matisse.

Six years old his elder, who takes under his protection "lenglish", nicknamed to mark by his mocking studiomates. Marquet starts academically by drawing nudes.

Other students become his friends. In 1898 he frequented with matisse. Manguin settles in a workshop in the.

Arrondissement which he shares with marquet and his comrades. In 1899, first success, Albert marquet was admitted to the salon de la.

National Society of Fine Arts. To bets, and to the grenoble parlor. To live, marquet and matisse, paint theatre decorations, as well as decorations and friezes for the universal exhibition.

In 1901, Albert marquet took part in the. And in 1902, the gallery berthe weill opened its doors for a group exhibition. He's renting a maid's room.

25 wharf of the tournall. He discovers the work of claude monet and follows his technique by making series of canvases on the same pattern at different times of the day.

After a summer in Normandy with the manguin family, he took part in the first. In 1903, living room to which he will remain faithful. In 1904, he exhibited with the Druet gallery, the state bought it.

In 1905, he signed an exclusive contract with the Druet Gallery to ensure stable income. He's setting up 25. Visit manguin in provence with camoin. That same year, in 1905, for the first time on.

At the large palace where ingres, manet, renoir, enjoy a retrospective. Lion hungry throws himself on the antelope, matisses with her. Woman with hat, laprade, camoin, vlaminck, drain, manguin and marker in which the critics only see barbouilleurs of "cage with fawns.

Refuses to open the living room. In 1906, on the advice of camoin, marquet and dufy went to paint in the harbour, the life of a harbour, the water, the reflections. Marquet favours the range of greys. An article in the newspaper the illustration of November 4, 1905, devoted to fawns. A view from the inside of the exhibition of the armory show, new york, 1913. In 1906, he rented a room. He likes to paint diving views from his window in calm, without passing to disturb or distract him. His father died, followed by his mother, in 1907. He visits normandy with dufy, exposes and weaves links with the circle of modern art. Circle of collectors and havre industrialists. In 1907 he traveled to. He signed a contract with the.

With matisse they go for it. He's exposing to it.

Back in Paris, he took over the workshop. Left by matisse and settled there with yvonne-ernestine, young woman alive and unladen, her model, who shared her life until 1922.

He painted impressive nudes of presence with Yvonne's friends and companions. His painting is then made of portraits, female nudes, drawings, cartoons of passers-by or even erotic drawings. The exhibitions follow in paris, hamburg, berlin, dresde, munich, moscow odessa, kiev, saint-petersbourg, Riga or cork.

In June 1909 he was in naples and then in sicile. In September, he stayed in Marseille, tanger and seville. Since his apartment in 1910, he has painted the floods of the seine.

That year he met Russian collectors Morozov and. George besson became one of his critics and defenders. In 1911, after a stay in Normandy, he left for. From there he writes to matisse.

"I will never be one. The following years repeat the same journeys. In 1913, his works were on the armory show. Albert marquet is mobilized and reformed.

And the manolo sculptor to. With mattish and according to the recommendation of. They're sending packages to friends on the front.

In 1916, after the death of his merchant. Marquet renews his contracts with the Druet gallery as well as with the Bernheim-Young gallery, contracts which run until 1931. And invite marquet to visit him.

In 1920, he was still recovering from the Spanish flu when his friend and doctor. He advises him to go for it. A view of Alger in 1921.

On the occasion of his stay in Algeria, he met a young marcelle martinet (under the name marty marcelle, then marcelle marquet) native to Alger, who served as his guide. Marquet shy, confide in her, through a long correspondence. Intelligent, cultivated, marcelle became his confidant and, on February 10, 1923, his wife to alger. This delights marquet friends who did not like the yvonne "poil". With marcelle, he discovers the oasis of southern Algeria, the. Marcelle becomes his secretary and takes charge of his correspondence. Together they published the Marty Marcelle Book in 1925. Moussa, the little black, illustrated with 23 drawings and watercolours of a. From this date, Albert marquet spends every winter to alger.

Travelling the rest of the year, in norvège, in italia, in metropolitan France making him a perpetual traveller, whose painting is the travel diary and is recognized through numerous exhibitions throughout the world the caire, chicago, stockholm. He paints the ports, the landscapes that he has crossed almost without any character.

In 1931, he bought an apartment. With a view on it.

The ceramicist josep llorens i artigas teaches him ceramics. Albert marquet has associated himself with several writers, including the poet.

In 1933, he sailed on a cruise. In 1934, he made a long trip in the Urss where the painter was surrounded and celebrated. The summer of 1935 saw him back on the.

Where his family came from: he moved to. In 1937, he traveled to the. On the bord of seine where is buried albert marquet. The Druet Gallery goes bankrupt, the stock is scattered. Marquet discovers the village of la fret-sur-seine, rents a house near the haulage road and installs his workshop there.

In 1938, he participated in charitable activities for the defense of German intellectuals expelled by the Germans. On this occasion, he met the painter. In 1940, after sheltering his works, he was forced to leave the metropolitan france to alger, for fear of reprisals for having signed the protest petition of artists and intellectuals against Nazism. His house is requisitioned by the Germans, his apartment searched. His works are protected by louis martinet, uncle of marcelle, who, with friends, hide them.

Some are even entrusted to. Marquet lives to alger throughout the duration of the war. He refused to participate in the salon des tiilleries, which required him to obtain a certificate of "non-membership of the Jewish race", and had his works loaned to him by collectors. "Solidarity with his Jewish friends".

In 1942, he organized a sale for the national resistance. In 1943, General de Gaulle received one of his paintings as a gift.

Official painter of the navy. Only honor he's ever accepted. In 1946, he returned to bets. David weill offered to return to the Academy of Fine Arts, in response not only refused but asked for the dissolution of the Academy and the School of Fine Arts.

He also refuses the legion of honor. He is involved in charitable sales for Jewish children (protective work for Jewish children) and prisoners of war.

He takes his card from the Communist Party. Operated with prostate cancer, Albert marquet died on January 14, 1947, after painting betting views. His body rests in the communal cemetery of. In 1947 she published as marty marcelle. Images of a small Arab city accompanied by original engravings by Albert marquet.

From children's books, she became her husband's historiographer, and published biographies, catalogues and many travel accounts among them. Life and portrait of marcelle marcelle marcelle marcelle. In 2008, an exhibition entitled. He is dedicated to the. From March to August 2016.

Modern art museum of the city of betting. The work of albert marquet is made of simplified plans, bright and degraded colors, worked quickly at the same time sketch and notation of light with an accomplished art of framing that favours diving. The characters present at the beginning of his career tend to disappear to allow only the effect of overall landscapes, harbours or maritime architectures to appear. He kept it, from his time.

The sense of color and light. And its surroundings, the bridges of the. The streets illuminated at night, bet under the snow or under a sun of lead. His art is polished, soft and measured, without violence or pathos or expressionism and places colour without excess, in reserve, on the wall of an interior.

He creates series of studies of variations of light according to seasons, time of day, and time. Thus, between 1905 and 1906, he painted a series of urban landscapes on the theme of the. Which he sees from the window of his studio at number 25, bought by his parents in. In 1905 he participated in the exhibition of the "fawns".

It's a scandal with a brutal vision of shapes and colours. He later gave up this way for the search for tonal harmony, favoring more harmonious colors, less saturated in order to make all the shades of light. Water is one of its favorite motifs, including the representation of the water.

And docks, just like the northern african ports: alger, candle, oran, tunis, gullet. Trained academically and classically for about ten years, the young marquet freed himself by practicing portraits, and very present female nudes, erotic drawings of brothels that will be reproduced in books. His drawings in china ink. Like those crunching Parisian passers-by, visible at the.

From the harbour, are marked with an elliptical brush trait and stripped. The separation of yvonne and the marriage with marcelle, seem to seal the abandonment of nudes and genre scenes in favor of an art of landscape that he loves to practice with his painters friends.

As early as 1919, he travelled extensively, notably in tunisia and algeria, with him. He also travelled the north of the france, the Belgian coast and the. In the summer of 1920, marquet invites. To join him at the rockstone.

On the spot, the painter rochelais gaston makes them discover the surrounding landscapes that they paint, together, on the pattern. He stays, among other things, at. And paints landscapes of the seine. He paints his wife sewing (inside the fret) and his friend.

Painting (the workshop of the fret) at his side. In his memories, his wife wrote marcelle. "It was perhaps in this modest house of the fret that Albert felt the most at home. His well-insulated workshop in the attic dominated a loop of the seine, its river. Albert felt comfortable and safe.

Desnoyer worked in his studio corner, he didn't bother either. The item "marquet albert rare lithograph 1947 signed main number/100 handsigned lithograph" has been on sale since Saturday, January 2, 2021. It is in the category "art, antiques\art of xxe, contemporary\prints, engravings". The seller is "art-capital-paris" and is located at/in bets. This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.

  1. style: post-impressionism
  2. Authenticity: original
  3. period: xxeme and contemporary
  4. type: original hand-signed lithograph
  5. characteristics: signed
  6. Genre: French Impressionist Art
  7. support: on paper
  8. theme: Adriatic

Marquet Albert Rare Lithography 1947 Signed Main Num/100 Handsigned Lithograph    Marquet Albert Rare Lithography 1947 Signed Main Num/100 Handsigned Lithograph