Original Lithograph Signed

Lapicque Charles Original Lithography Signed Abstract Abstract Art Abstraction

Lapicque Charles Original Lithography Signed Abstract Abstract Art Abstraction

Lapicque Charles Original Lithography Signed Abstract Abstract Art Abstraction    Lapicque Charles Original Lithography Signed Abstract Abstract Art Abstraction

Charles lapicque original lithograph signed in pencil at the bottom right numbered on 99 ex printed on velvet size 28 x 38 cm - perfect condition - transport recommends offered. Charles Lapicque was born on 1 July. From a family from the Vosges. He's the adopted son of. Professor of General Physiology at the Faculty of Betting Sciences.

He spends his early childhood at. And made in 1900 his first stay in.

Where he returns for a long time every summer. He began studying the piano in 1903.

From 1909 he lived in Paris where he attended high school, practiced drawing in high school and then in free academies, and approached the practice of violin. Engaged from 1917 to 1919 in the field artillery, he acquired a knowledge of the horses which would later be found in his paintings, participated in the combats of 1918 and received the cross of war. In 1919 charles lapicque entered the central school of arts and manufacturing.

In paris, paying particular attention to the projections and perspectives used in industrial design. In 1920 he painted his first landscapes near Caen. An engineer in the distribution of electrical energy, in 1921 he directed an area near lisieux.

Where it ensures the construction and operation of high voltage lines. Called to the office of technical studies he settled in Paris in 1924, painting the Sunday landscapes and marines. His plastic research, in the climate of cubism, develops the studies he has continued on the modes of projection in space.

In 1925 his tribute to palestrina. Escapes from any figurative aim and arouses the encouragements of jeanne bucher who proposes to become "painter of the gallery". In 1928 he abandoned his career as an engineer to devote himself to painting, making his first personal exhibition at the jeanne bucher gallery in 1929.

Charles Lapicque resumed his studies at the faculty of betting sciences, obtained a bachelor's degree in physical sciences and began a thesis for the Ph. In physical sciences under the direction of charles fabry. On the recommendation of andré debierne. From 1931 to 1943 he held a position of assistant preparer with Maurice Curie.

Professor of physics of the certificate p. He then attended the physicists albert arnulf. At the faculty he undertakes research on the perception of the colors that lead him to reverse the classical law of their staggering in space, lapicque observing that blue is in fact the color of the nearest, the red of the most distant. In order to improve his knowledge he enters the upper school of optics. Of which he graduated as an engineer-optician in 1934.

At the same time, in museums and antique shops, he is interested in antique crafts, illuminations, medieval tapestries, partitioned enamels. Poitevins, faiences, in which he found confirmations of his theories and made several communications at the meetings of the optical institute. Notably, in 1935, on "red and blue in the arts". Charles Lapicque met in 1936 the gabriel philosopher marcel. Who invites him to discussion sessions and makes him publicize jean wahl.

This is the starting point for his philosophical and aesthetic reflection. In 1937 he received the order of five large wall decorations for the palace of betting discovery, one of which was organic synthesis (10 x 10 m), giving him a medal of honor at the universal exhibition of 1937. After being appointed as a Research Fellow of the National Scientific Research Fund. Lapicque defended his PhD thesis in physical sciences in 1938 on "the optics of the eye and the vision of contours", before a jury chaired by charles fabry.

And understanding as Christian Henry examiners. While he made several sculptures (granit).

Interesting in African and pre-Columbian arts, he also addressed clarinet, bassoon, trombone and practiced for ten years the horn in amateur ensembles. Engaged in the national centre for scientific research.

Lapicque was in 1939 in charge of studies on night vision and camouflage, working with saint-exupery antoine. Demobilized, he began to apply his theories in a series of armed figures who laid the basses of a new painting and participated in 1941 in the exhibition of the "20 young painters of French tradition. First manifestation of the avant-garde painting under occupation, while Nazism multiplies the condemnations of "degenerate art.

In 1943 he made a brief stay in Bretagne. A contract with the square louis gallery allows him to abandon his position as a preparer at the Faculty of Science. In 1944 he painted several paintings around the liberation of betting.

And in the summer of 1945 found the way to Bretagne. The square gallery presents in 1946 an exhibition "Bazain, estève. Lapicque", prefaced by andré frénaud.

Charles Lapicque made a first lecture at the College of Philosophy in 1948. He was appointed painter of the Department of the Navy and participated in numerous manuvres off Brest (1948), from Toulon (1949), in northern africa (1951). Receiving the Prix raoul dufy in 1953. Between 1953 and 1955 he made four stays in the city. Lapicque made later voyages, each of which will be at the origin of new suites of paintings, to rome in 1957, in grace in 1963, in spain in 1973, in holland in 1974, in france itself, in vezelay.

In 1975, in the castles of the Loire in 1976, at Aix-en-Provence. Charles Lapicque received the National Grand Prize for Painting in 1979.

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  1. type: lithography
  2. characteristics: signed
  3. Authenticity: original
  4. period: xxeme and contemporary
  5. genre: abstract
  6. theme: abstract
  7. support: on paper

Lapicque Charles Original Lithography Signed Abstract Abstract Art Abstraction    Lapicque Charles Original Lithography Signed Abstract Abstract Art Abstraction