Original Lithograph Signed

Jean Messager Original Lithography Signed 1983 Abstract Art Abstraction

Jean Messager Original Lithography Signed 1983 Abstract Art Abstraction

Jean Messager Original Lithography Signed 1983 Abstract Art Abstraction    Jean Messager Original Lithography Signed 1983 Abstract Art Abstraction

Jean messager original lithograph - signed in pencil on the bottom right. Numbered on /200 ex - printed on arch vellum - size 55 x 75 cm - labeled "the nose under the summer" - perfect condition.

------------------ transport recommends offered ------------------------ he married in 1944, the ceramist marcelle Baumann whom he frequented with "arts deco". They have in common the frank-county, since the latter is one of the daughters of walter Baumann, director of the colombier-fontaine chairwork. Jean's parents then lived valentigney, his father being employed in the pulgeot cycles of beaulieu-mandeur, close to the family cradle of the messager which is the village of mathay. It is thanks to his mother's family, native of arrogance and resident betting, in which he is born, that he travels the capital very young with his grandfather, insurance agent, but especially amateur photographer.

The latter teaches him to watch - for endless time - will confide jeans in his diary. It is he who takes him to see the guignol shows presented in the Parisian squares. From this period will be born the passion of jeans for puppets that he will collect all his life and his desire to bring art to the street. This aspect does not leave him. For him, an artist has to be a social actor, a "guiler" to take up this neologism entrusted to a journalist of the newspaper the cross.

For this purpose, Jean messager became the organiser of monumental festivals, like the inauguration of his mill of lougres, his main home since 1962. The Messager and Baumann families are surrounded by national officials, artists who come from betting, the most well-known galerists (a football match artists - painting merchants is part of the festivities), local officials but also the workers who built the house, of the entire population of the villages of lougres and colombier-fontaine that Jean invited. Thus, the carpenter cotoyed the congressman, the village kid spoke to a gentleman with a strong Russian accent called serge poliakoff, the architect (jean-louis veret, pupil of the corbusier) danced with the "nounou" marguerite. The painter stone alechinsky has tried the joys of archery.. jean will renew this spirit as much as he can. He invested evil (house of art and leisure of sochaux) with the complicity of his director, yves deschamp, in 1969. He participates in the Montbéliard carnivals, he invents the znup, architecture of termoformages invests by the inhabitants of the zup of the small hill of Montbéliard. He made an important contribution to the celebrations of the future of the Royal Arc-et-senan salines during the 1970s, and in 1972, at the festival of autumn, he offered his grand palace of raspberry conversations and breathable hills. "attached to the school of betting. After the war, he was confused as a lyrical abstract, as a painter, as a tachist, as an abstract landscaper... (a free messager, a preface of traces)".

He himself never wanted to define himself, he has always renounced the duality abstraction / figuration. His wish, since autograph, is the inscription on his grave, "Dr. 1944 marriage with the ceramist marcelle Baumann realization of the first engravings. 1945 death of his mother. 1947 realization of the first sculptures travels in italia and algeria.

1948 travels in italie as a member of the autumn salon, engraving section. Production of a series of drawings and collages between the glasses of photographic slides. 1952 layout of the new mill's workshop, previously in the room at the top of the old mill then definitively in an independent wooden building1 one of the founding members of the October Salon which will meet twice, in 1952 and 1953.

1954 birth of thomas (taxidermist) death of his father change of apartment to 8 stone street and marie curie: from the ground floor to the 5th. 1958 birth of simon (painting artist with an entomological interlude from 1976 to 1984). 1959 member of the May trade fair committee. Great celebration for the inauguration of the mill works carried out by the workshop of Montrouge.

On this occasion stone alechinsky and jean messager who know each other since 1953 make a canvas with four hands enhanced with sentences of the critique charles estienne3 venise, 31st biennial of art. One of the five painters representing france. 1963 travels in italia luigres, the mill. 1965 medal: for a summer, the betting coin sao paulo, 8th biennial art. One of the 5 painters representing the Lougres france, the mill.

Creates an annual betting shooting contest. Full member of the national committee of French engraving. Knuhb, cuba village party, havan.

Participated in the release of a series of artistic stamps and in the realization of a collective fresco in the framework of the exhibition of May (timber = springtigre) Minor. Drawings on the bet sand. 1st participation in the series of contemporary prisonic engravings sold in the company's stores. 1968 Knight of the National Order of Arts and Letters Alexandria, 7th Biennial of Art. 2nd Rijeka Prize, 1st International Exhibition of Original Drawings. Prize of the gallery of contemporary art of zagreb vela luka. Participation in the realization of a collective mosaic within the framework of the international meeting of artists. 1969 realization of the first gels: drawings worked with the soft gel, the mill. Rapid landscapes: a series of photographs and adorned landscape: decoration of the edge of the mill with gigantic strips of fabric drawing paper for the mafia society. 1970 resigned from the committee of the salon of May member of the jury of November in vitry, painting prize of the city of vitry-sur-seine dovecoier-fontaine, Baumann chair. 1971 realization of the first thermoformings: moulded polyester sheets tapestry: the uniforms of the good weather, besançon gobelins. Corresponding associate of the Academy of Sciences, Belles-Letters and Arts Montbéliard.

Inauguration of the permanent exhibition room "message now" at the museum. Thermoforming structure: palace of raspberry conversations and breathable hills. 1973 petition against the pollution of the dubs bringing together 3,000 delegated signatures for the land of Montbéliard de l'apedi (association for the protection of the waters and natural resources of the lower basin of the dubs) pouch of a record of vinko globokar (according to the canvas landscapes to imagine) tapestry: dolman for a lougre fisherman, the mill. Sculptures of ice moulded in montbéliard thermoformings. Realization of the zup znup in the district of the small hollande.

The znup: monumental structure made in thermoforming and invested by the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Production of tanks for carnival betting, autumn festival.

Commemorative sculpture for the 1974 Vaucresson edition. Decoration of the Kindergarten School. Creation, with the help of andré villers, of the first develofixers: objects or plant elements thrown on the photographic wallpaper with the help of the developer. 1975 knight of the Legion of Honour medal: tribute to watteau, betting money etupes. Price of metz soap cases.

Decoration of the college of metz-queuleu montbéliard. Production of tanks for the Montbéliard carnival, nursery school of the Petit-Chênois. A garden in the sky: decoration in betting thermoforms.

Launch ravni (unidentified flying radis) as part of the exhibition at the gallery beaubourg. Price of soft soap cases, mill. Sculptures of ice moulded in thermoformings and drawings in the snow using spray paint sprays. Feast of the future: tribute to salt, sculpture made in thermoformings4 the glue-on-loup. Organization of the football game artists - artists' merchants as part of the exhibition at the Maeght foundation of Saint-Paul de vence bets. Illustration of the theatre of Beaumarchais for the national printing industry: pillows for landscape. Decoration of the hot air balloon "the futurible" in the framework of the French balloon championship and realization of a medal for the occasion colombier-fontaine. Char pour la fête du bois luigres, le mille. Drawings in the snow vitry-sur-seine. Decoration of the stadium stands and football match artists - painting merchants. 1979 production of a label for a series of bottles of santenay chosen by Jean Lenoir à remigny. Production of a cake box for the firm irma (25 000 copies) lougres, the mill. Inauguration of the permanent exhibition room "messager now ii" at the pontarlier museum. Realization of the house to assassinate received ideas, principles and taboos with Christian tchirakadzé and denys schwechlen in the framework of a manifestation of pap'circus. Feast of the future: cooking time of eggs on the dish, waxed canvas stretched bordeaux. Achievement of a medal for Professor Faure of the University of Medicine etupes. Realization of a medal for the soft green walk, the mill. Drawings in the snow poligny. Fight between May and June, street party. 1981 officer of the national order of arts and letters realization of the sword of academician professor marcel bessis handed over on 8 October to the sorbonne bets. Making a tapestry for the city of air. Creation of the decor of the vinko globokar tapestry miserrere : scatology in plain cover of the live compilation disc of the Jimi hendrix concerts, mediamotion/arrabella montbéliard. Inauguration of the permanent exhibition room "message now iii" at the museum. 1983 Commander of the National Order of Arts and Letters. Member of the National Council of the Arts and Letters Association. 1984 exit of the stamp on the 4 corners of the sky, the tapestry post: summer returns to spring betting, museum of decorative arts. Production of a fresco on paper with hugh weiss for the 20th anniversary of the new observer.

1985 construction of a bronze shell of coffee table in fossil wood for the national furniture zagreb. Production of two tapestries commissioned by the international art gallery of betting: spring renders its jewels and spring equator vitry-sur-seine. Commemorative Medal for the inauguration of the City Hall.

Museum of Contemporary Art Award. Demonstrations, installations and street parties, around the series of exhibitions of the great procession of jean messager montbéliard. Monumental sculpture goddesses and glitter realized as part of the art and automobile event.

Decoration of the town hall with dado, erro, klasen and kijno lougres, the mill. "the eruptions": projections in the coloured water space photographed by Christian tchirakadze according tocourt. Participation in the exhibition nature and mushrooms. Edition of a lithography with the young people of the centre sncf as part of the telethon etupes.

Great procession of messager jeans, cycling race and street party. 1990 officer of the legion d'honneur môtiers (Swiss). Making a label for absinthe bottle: homage to the green fairy besançon. The axis band plays its musical creation for Jimi hendrix in front of the canvas Jimi hendrix of Jean Messager at the dovecoier-fontaine theatre. Grand procession of Messager jeans, cycling race and Montbéliard street party.

The city celebrates 70 years of messager, street party. Making a sculpture - trophy "Messager of Success", for the urban district.

Creation of a plaque in tribute to georges becker, commissioned by the town hall for the place of the same name. 1997 production of a poster for the 20th anniversary of the Montbéliard group of amnesty international. 1998 commander in the national order of merit (remission of palms in 1999). Rest in the cemetery of valentigney (doubs) under an enamelled lava plate with the epitaph: "This is jean messager, doctor in spring".

2004 the municipality of Lougres pays tribute to him by christening the place of the town hall by his name. In the memory of those who have met him, jean messager will also remain the lover of nature, the fisherman, the hunter, the mycologist, the party organiser, the lover of dearest and the enthusiast of sports, especially football. He's the poet's father. Taxidermixte thomas (specialized in the naturalization of fish) and the ceramicist painter, "entomo-artist" simon. Arrangement of the new workshop.

I think he will give me a new perspective (Journal de jean messager 1952). "foundation of a committee of the October lounge, of which ch. Estienne writes the press release: a number of young painters wishing to manifest themselves under normal and fair conditions of choice and hangings have decided to found in the spirit of the current painting a salon that will bear the name of the salon of October.

They also reserve the right and honour to invite their elders. Signed: nejad, duvillier, messager, pons (Journal de jean messager 1952). As early as July 13 and for 3 days, this party brings together family, friends, construction workers, officials, villagers of lougres and dovecote-fontaine around several animations: hunting trompe concert, torchlight retreat, fireworks, ball with orchestra, football match artists-traders of paintings. Photographic documents from the Messager archives allow for the identification of artists, art dealers and cultural actors. Among the crowd, were present micky and stone alechinsky, jacques benador, huguette berrand, renee bolenger and jean degottex, roel d'haese, lucien durand, charles estienne, roger-edgar gillet, stone granville, mister and mme kerchache and their son jacques at the double bass of the orchestra of the ball, edouard and pier loeb, marcelle loubchansky, jean perrier, marcelle and serge poliakoff, jean pollac, jean pons, michel puig, claude rive, andré schller, daniel smerck, bram van velde...

From 1976 the international center of reflections on the future, of which serge antoine is president, assistant the contest of jean messager for the organization of the holidays of the future to the royal saline of arc-et-senans: 1976: homage to the last quarter of the century / 1977 sky : homage to the salt and to the sky : the feast of the sky : "the last issue of daily bul: "autotombes. It is an idea of pol bury and andré balthazar to have asked artists "the type of habitat you want to reserve to your body after his death". Beautiful idea illustrated with a multiplying humour. I designed my grave built with 4 radishes that support 2 eggs on the plate with this epitaph: here's jean messager, doctor in spring. (Journal de jean messager 1981). The plaque reproducing the jm drawing made for the daily bul number was made by Simon in order to respect his father's will. The work of jean messager can only be conceived on its totality. Indeed, this artist conscious of currents and modes, never wanted to be labeled. It was enough to call him a name so that he would deliberately change course. He spoke several times about the issue in his newspaper, scorning critics, asking them to let artists work. He followed this course of action until his death, his last works confusing as much as the first for which he suffered spitting at the Volney Circle in 1955. The complete libliography of jean messager is present in the work jean messager: traces of francette messager published in 2006 by neo-editions of besançon. The importance of the text does not permit its dissemination, contrary to the content of this book proposed in part by its author in the preceding chapters.

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  1. type: lithography
  2. theme: abstract
  3. period: xxeme and contemporary
  4. genre: abstract
  5. characteristics: signed
  6. Authenticity: original

Jean Messager Original Lithography Signed 1983 Abstract Art Abstraction    Jean Messager Original Lithography Signed 1983 Abstract Art Abstraction