Original Lithograph Signed

Hilaire Camille Lithography Signed Crayon Handsigned Lithograph Rivers Alsace

Hilaire Camille Lithography Signed Crayon Handsigned Lithograph Rivers Alsace
Hilaire Camille Lithography Signed Crayon Handsigned Lithograph Rivers Alsace

Hilaire Camille Lithography Signed Crayon Handsigned Lithograph Rivers Alsace    Hilaire Camille Lithography Signed Crayon Handsigned Lithograph Rivers Alsace
In the 1970s, the painter camille hilar decided to carry out works illustrating the rivers of alsace. Some 20 works will be produced entitled reflections on lauter, lièpvrette, largue, doller, lavender on thur, lauch lake, colmar lauch, altenweier lake, the confluence of weiss and behine, weiss in kaysersberg, fisherman on thegiessen, ehn in winter, andlau, ill in illhauesern, the cascade of the nesteck, zorn, fashioner, rhin and haze. This lithography corresponds to one of these illustrations. Original lithograph signed in pencil.

Draw: limited to 195 copies. Status: see photographs; good; never framed. Free hand delivery possible to bet by appointment. The work is sold accompanied by an invoice with a detailed description. Original lithograph, hand-signed in pencil by the artist.

Conditions: see photographs ; good ; never framed. Camille Hilaire was born in 1916. Born in a modest environment, he became first.

Then begins drawing and painting on the pattern. In 1934, he married anne-married reslinger with whom he would have a daughter, jeannine. At that time, he visited the city's library to copy it. His work is noticed by. Which welcomes him to his metz painting workshop. Hilaire meets with the governor of the city, the general of Saint-Croix, who intervenes so that he can perform his military service in bets. Shortly thereafter, the hilar camille was mobilized and participated courageously in the. At the end of which he is taken prisoner. He escaped and joined bets at the beginning of 1941. In 1942, he married simone jance in second weddings.

Not wanting to be forcibly incorporated by the German army as. He chooses hiding and is registered under a false name, leblanc, aux. During the years of occupation, student of. Academy with whom he becomes friends. Who will influence his safe and incisive trait, and marked by the luminosity of the Italian masters, camille hilar begins to expose to the various Parisian salons.

In 1947, Hilaire was appointed professor of drawing and decorative composition at the École nationale supérieure d'art de nancy. Position he will hold until 1958.

Continuing his artistic research, he tried new techniques, watercolour, stained glass, or tapestry. He was appointed professor at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. His profession he then made models for the. Allows him to travel and expose. Hilaire has nourished his talent from these journeys, throughout the century, his painted or woven work expresses beauty and diversity, from venice to normandy, which he particularly loved, from.

He dies in his property located at. In the (normandie) and is buried at. From his union with simone jance-hilaraire, camille hilar has four children: christiane, pascale, claude, painter known as.

And florence, artist-painting known as. And figurative, his brightly coloured works are bright. Camille hilaire represented the nuanced expression of composition. Thus, starting from effective structures, he stretched power by color and obtained an admirable and constant sensation of calm, magnitude, and grandeur by translating the motifs and elements, which never prevented him from expressing a burning passion for creation and sharing.

Remarkable were his naked with perfect curves, nestled with charm and placed in an environment where their sensual fullness impelled themselves in provocative grace. As for the landscapes, hilaire knew how to dictate the structure without apparent constraint, depositing to them this fresh and spicy green that often characterized it. Thus, nature and elements became a pretext where the artist pushes the color to get the effect felt. As for tapestries, all his craft as a graphic designer and his desire to seek were confused into splendid works that constantly sought the gaze through their technical success of pure harmony and which represented the artist as well as his lithographs, with an amazing result.

One of the interior walls of the. George's College of the Tower.

It is decorated with a bucolic fresco, impressive by its size and beauty, painted by hilar camille. It was safeguarded during the recent modernization of the building.

He also designed the stained glass windows of the churches. About ten monographs were dedicated to him, as well as reports and films. It leaves a large opening, marked with the seal of seduction, in what it supposes to be more demanding. Hilaire strongly marked the French painting of half the xx. The hilar camille committee created by his son. Today is composed of four founding members (hilary pascal, hilar florence, christophe berteaux and alexandre gaubert). To date, this committee is the only authority empowered to evaluate and issue certificates of authenticity of the artist's works. It guarantees the integrity and protection of archives. This item is in the category "art, antiques\art of xxe, contemporary\prints, engravings". The seller is "art-capital-paris" and is located in this country: fr. This item can be shipped to the following country: whole world.

  1. style: French modern art
  2. type: original lithograph signed in pencil
  3. characteristics: signed
  4. Authenticity: original
  5. period: xxeme and contemporary
  6. genre: modern French art
  7. theme: alsace rivers
  8. support: on paper

Hilaire Camille Lithography Signed Crayon Handsigned Lithograph Rivers Alsace    Hilaire Camille Lithography Signed Crayon Handsigned Lithograph Rivers Alsace