Original Lithograph Signed

Eroticism In Undergrowth -lithographie Watercolor Berthomme 1930 St-andre -ero 17

Eroticism In Undergrowth -lithographie Watercolor Berthomme 1930 St-andre -ero 17
Eroticism In Undergrowth -lithographie Watercolor Berthomme 1930 St-andre -ero 17
Eroticism In Undergrowth -lithographie Watercolor Berthomme 1930 St-andre -ero 17

Eroticism In Undergrowth -lithographie Watercolor Berthomme 1930 St-andre -ero 17    Eroticism In Undergrowth -lithographie Watercolor Berthomme 1930 St-andre -ero 17

Eroticism in undergrowth -lithographie watercolor 1930 - BERTHOMME st-andre -ero bsa 17: Grand Master of the eroticism of the early XXth Century \Beautiful watercolor and gouache lithography (white) by artist; original and authentic on beautiful pearly paper imperial Japan. 22 x 17 cm placed under black everywhere pass and tan 35 x 27 cm. Signed monogram BSA bottom right. I / i - full bleed - out rare and unique.

Stamp of the workshop on face hidden by black pp. Provenance: private collection of the artist.

Good condition - gloss pictures due to protective plastic cover. PS: buy Luvre reserved exclusively for adults. Painter, printmaker, ceramicist and renowned French illustrator. Pupil of Cormon in lecole of Fine Arts of Paris and the workshop stone laurens, he exhibited at the French artists from 1924 to 1929, winning the silver medal. He then enjoys a government scholarship to lalgérie. He participated in many exhibitions like dautomne, independent, national or tile and the living room of drawing and painting in water and was appointed president. Lounges lounges, it gradually takes its place among the best contemporary artists of the XXth century. He strongly sintéresse decorative arts. It sinitie to murals and illustrated numerous books. It is very famous and sought after for his erotic drawings of high quality.

In 1954, he was promoted to Knight of the Legion of honor for its work and the object of exhibitions particular the united states and in England. Jusquen 1977 this is an unbroken succession of exhibitions in the world especially in Japan. It receives that year; before his death.

The grand prize of Painters witnesses of their time. He died on 1 October of that same year victim dune heart attack on the eve of its annual exhibition at the gallery in Paris dimpoulos. Berthomme part since inception of the artistic movement of poetic reality and paris of lecole painters. As for women, flowers, landscapes, colors are alive; very vibrant.

They reveal an intense light, and whatever the reason, they rely on a strong design that hints at the beautiful reflections of the nature and subject. My joy, this is the painting of the things that I love with all the intensity that implies.

My brush is made \We need the brush, too, is tender, love. Léclat color is subject to the feeling must experience the audience. My painting: it is a poem. Artist \So we can expect in the years to close an important start of his side! welcome to the witnesses painters of their time (acronym: PTT).

For decades, painters witnesses of their time did you discover, expose, sell; including artists from the early XXth century; their talent, marked their time and can now unsubscribe in the history of modern painting of the last century and lecole of paris. See our website (in real price \So as quacheteur with us, you will save up to 25% cost of purchasing (or more) compared to public auctions. Contact us for information / rv 06 September 20 26 66.

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  1. Theme: Curiosa / erotica <\/ li>
  2. Type: watercolor lithograph <\/ li>
  3. Support: paper <\/ li>
  4. authenticity: original <\/ li>
  5. Features: Signed <\/ li>
  6. Period: XXth contemporary <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Eroticism In Undergrowth -lithographie Watercolor Berthomme 1930 St-andre -ero 17    Eroticism In Undergrowth -lithographie Watercolor Berthomme 1930 St-andre -ero 17